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Morty the Shih Tzu

Morty ''Porkchop'' (as we call affectionately call him) is a favorite at Paws. Morty and I go back a long way and he was, as a puppy, the darling of the vet clinic where I used to groom him.

There was a period of time in which I did not see Morty and was then 'reuinted' a couple of years ago, at which time I learned that Morty was a cancer survivor and had had a really rough go. Morty is now cancer-free and living the inspired life with his great family and his Shih-Tzu ''brother'', Randy.

We love Morty and Randy and consider Morty a hero in that he is a Survivor! With the help, love and support of his family and healing team.

Go Morty! Go Morty!
Morty Porkchop!