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Dog Grooming-General Dog Grooming-General
All grooming sessions include a massaging bath and conditioning treatment, fluff-drying, nail trim, ear cleaning (plucking, if necessary) and a finishing spray. We do not express anal glands, as this is a medical procedure that should be performed by your vet. We love bows and are happy to decorate your pet!

For haircuts and hand stripping, prices may vary according to the length and the condition of the coat. We do not, therefore, have set prices based on breed only. Dematting, removal of excessive undercoat, and pattern-setting on dogs who have lost their 'shape' (due to more than eight weeks between grooming sessions) require extra time and will be charged accordingly. Regular grooming prices are based on being on a regular grooming schedule.

All pets will be exposed to gently diffused aromatherapy and will be bathed with all-natural, hypo-allergenic shampoos unless otherwise specified. As we are completely holistic, the extra time we spend, and the premium quality products we use on each pet, are priorities for us.

Deep conditioning treatments, masks, and therapeutic shampoos are available for an additional charge-- please see our listing under Deluxe Services.

Please note that we offer nail trimming as an a la carte service to our clients only. $20/by appointment.

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Paws Of Enchantment, By Cassandra
Paws of Enchantment, By Cassandra

Fine pet grooming, with love, style, and a little magic.
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