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Anesthesia -free Dentals

Anesthesia -free Dentals

Trained, experienced dental technicians provide your dog or cat with safe and gentle dental care by scaling and polishing his or her teeth without the risks and costs associated with anesthesia. Results compare to those performed at vet hospitals, but with no unnecessary sedation. Serious cases requiring extractions or veterinary care will be referred out to a qualified veterinarian.


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Cat grooming

Now offering cat grooming, by appt only, to well-behaved felines who love a touch of style. Wednesdays and Sundays. Please call or email to schedule. Prices vary by breed and condition of coat.

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Premium Holistic Packages

Premium Holistic Grooming services are highly recommended for all pets but especially for senior pets, nervous pets and pet experiencing non-contagious health challenges. Paws of Enchantment reserves the right to exclusively recommend these services to senior and other pets who require extra care while in our care.

Your pet will arrive and be treated to a full Reiki session (up to thirty minutes as guided by the animal) that may involve crystal or other energy healing, or an essential oil treatment called 'Raindrop Technique': an immune boosting combination of specific essential oil applications and light massage techniques.

Reiki/Essential oil treatments are available at an additional:
$60: Reiki: half hour/maintenance
$75 Raindrop aromatherapy treatment

Grooming will take place either before or after the energy session, as dictated by the needs of the pet. Reiki will be offered on a continual flow basis as described in my recent article, Reiki at the Dog Spa

We may make recommendations concerning further wellness support plans.

For clients whose animals are in hospice situations, or are delicate and cannot leave the home, or are experiencing an emergency, we can arrange house calls or distance Reiki appointments.

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REIKI/Energy Healing sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese system of energy healing in which universal life force energy is channeled through the practitioner and offered to another being for healing. The healing energy is most typically offered through the hands but also through the breath, meditation and intention. Reiki can be offered “in-person” or from a distance. Because Reiki is energy, distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions, although the recipient may further benefit from the more palpable nurturing nature of the in-person session…especially when the recipient is a human. Reiki can be offered by anyone who has received training and attunements to the Reiki energy.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Any living being can benefit from Reiki. Reiki can provide healing support for any situation, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or even assisting with transition. Reiki is offered, not forced, and it is up to the individual being offered the healing to accept it, as, from a spiritual perspective, each being is ultimately responsible for their own healing.

How often should Reiki be offered?

How often Reiki should be offered depends on the individual situation. In crisis situations, it is typically most effective to offer Reiki sessions for at least four days in a row, and then to reassess. To prepare the body for surgery, and recovering from surgery, four to ten days prior and after are recommended, depending on the nature of the surgery and state of the recipient’s vital force. The sessions can be longer or shorter based on the need. Half hour sessions are the norm, but when offering longer series of sessions (more than four days in a row), the sessions can be shortened, both to become more affordable for the caregiver and because the animal will be receiving regular “doses” or Reiki. For behavioral situations, weekly may be what is needed most. Monthly may be what is needed to maintain a state balance. Healing is a very individual thing so there are no “concrete” answers regarding the amount of Reiki needed.

What if my animal does not accept Reiki?

While most animals and beings love Reiki, not all animals accept it. It may be that the individual does not require it at that moment. In this case, a Reiki meditation is offered instead,

How can I support my animal regarding Reiki sessions?

Meditation is a great way to support your animal, both as a means of connecting during a Reiki session and as a general practice. Kathl... Read More

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Paws Of Enchantment, By Cassandra
Paws of Enchantment, By Cassandra

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