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Cassandra, I wanted to thank you for your reading with Fred. It was a wonderful experience because it gave me a lot of insight into him – whether just sharing information that was right on the mark (the lemons, yard fear, purpose to make me laugh, or providing context to behavior I didn’t fully understand.

It was interesting because you shared that he was having some physical issues and sure enough a few days later he did develop an abscess. I was concerned because there was no indication that was going on – the vet said they come up very fast. But it taught me to trust my instincts. I had started to treat the symptoms I saw – it just was not enough in this case. He was treated by the vet and is 100% again.

It shows that even if they are not doing something overt – we do see the little changes no one else does. Most important was your conversation about what I could do to make him feel happy and safe now and every day. This is something dog parents want to know – but especially with adopted dogs because we don’t usually know the detailed early history. We read their behavior and try to make decisions from there. Fred is a very sensitive guy which was clear from your reading – it showed me that I understand him much more than I realized. But it also showed me ways to support him further – a gift!!

Thank you. Hearing from him what his purpose is in my life was amazing. I feel like it explains a lot of my experience to date and it matches with some personal goals I am working on. I keep reading it over and over – it is so informative. It was an enjoyable and educational experience. I am grateful that you were able to connect with him. Thanks for being such a good friend to Fred and me.
Mickie Ballotta, 5/2020