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Paws of Enchantment, DC, a holistic pet grooming spa dedicated to the special needs of your pet. Our philosophy is that your pet is an individual... like you. While we aim to provide top quality grooming and styling services, we also look at the whole dog-- beyond the hair– and stress the importance of building a relationship with your pet in safe and comfortable an environment.

Owner Participation

We encourage owner participation as part of the 'whole' grooming process. Just ten minutes a day will not only help keep your pet’s coat in optimal condition, but also serve as a wonderful bonding activity and enable you to detect health issues and presence of parasites before they become a problem.

We will be happy to guide you as to brush and comb selection for your particular breed of dog and help you to get on a grooming schedule and maintenance plan that keep your pet's coat in great shape, which will benefit you both.