Enchanted Pets 

Koko the Yorkie-Poo

Koko the Yorkie-Poo is a friend of one of our most frequent ''regulars'', Teddy the Yorkie-Poo. When Koko and Teddy are here together, it is play-all-day. And I do mean non-stop. Add other buddies Buffy and Lila into the mix, and we have some pretty exhausted (but coiffed) little dogs by the end of a day here.

Koko is a sweet little guy who loves to seek contact from people. Thoug he puts on a sad face when his owner drops him off for the day, as soon as he realizes that he has been 'dropped off', he settles in and aims for either his buddies or the first available human (ie, Heather of myself) to pick him up and give him some love.

We call this picture of Koko 'King of the Mountain'.