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Photo gallery of Saluki breed dogs.

Raja, 6 months

Raja at six months old


Baby Raja and Talia

Talia pretended Raja was either invisible or contaminated when he first came to live with us but he was fascinated with her and, from the very beginning, would try to curl up close to her to sleep!


My Saluki Family

Pictured is my beloved Saluki family, who have taught me much about the depths of unconditional love, of spirituality, of beauty, of selflessness and of enchantment. M



Naflah is the dainty and magical being who has been with me almost as long as I have been in the Maryland/DC area. She knows all my secrets and has seen me through the good and the bad. In 2001, she gifted me with one of the most important treasures of my life, which changed my life: seven beautiful puppies. Three of these enchanted beings I kept-- Tammuz, Talia and Sultana-- and they are undoubtably the reason I am still here in this area with a business and home and not off doing the ''nomad thing''. They have had amazing influence on my life and have directed me towards holistic living, healing and philosophy. And special Naflah is the Queen Mother of them all... quiet and observant, the master of all of those teachings...

Naflah has served the greater community by visiting with the ... Read More



Naflah is a mystical being...her gentle presence is known and appreciated by all; she is a healer, a mother, a teacher, and an example to live one's life by.

I give my thanks for being able to share my life and home with this highly spiritually evolved, sensitive being. I consider this a great blessing.


Raja loves to run

Samarah's ''big brother'', Raja (Feliice Holiday Hopes)loves to run, too... we plan more of this kind of activity for our handsome young man! Raja's favorite pasttimes include licking peoples' feet and hands, running, digging trenches, playing with Samarah, and playing in general. He is extremely good natured, sensitive, considerate and smart... a really nice guy to have around the house and shop!


Raja the Handsome

Raja, our handsome friend, at five years old.


Saluki Information

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Pictured is our Samarah's lovely mother, ''Mish Mish'' (Mamnouna's Mish Mish).

El Riyah Salukis



The enchanted being Samarah, pictured at 1 1/2 years of age



...and Samarah is very demure with her stick.


Samarah lure coursing

El Riyah Rami Samarah, ''Samarah'' enjoys lure coursing at the Saluki Club of America's National Specialty this past June. Samarah ran with unparalleled intensity and placed second in the 3-6 month old Puppy Fun Run. Mostly, she had a lot of fun!

Samarah is the newest greeter at ''Paws'', and the beloved companion of Raja. Her favorite pasttimes include removing the squeakers and stuffing from toys, chasing birds and butterflies, digging up my trees, and making an assortment of interesting vocalizations.


Samarah and Raja in the snow

Samarah (El Riyah Rami Samarah) and Raja (Feliice Holiday Hopes) pose in the aftermath of the February, 2010 blizzard


Samarah, 6 months

Samarah with her ''cute eye'', at about six months of age.


Sultana Ma'rou

Sultana is the Queen of the house... fierce protector, always ready to swiftly deliver justice and maintain balance in the household. She is our respected Alpha Queen whose combination of loyalty, dignity and intelligence remains unparalleled. She is the teacher of the other members of the house, and her number one student is Raja, whom she has trained in many activities such as guarding the house and acting as my alarm clock (a job which once was hers, but now she likes to sleep in).

She can also be sweet and affectionate, but also in a way that demands respect.

I suspect that Sultana is the reincarnation of a great ruler in history...or at least a strong head of household.



Beloved ''supermodel'' sunning herself in the garden.


Talia the Princess

Talia if the Princess of the house...not only the 'supermodel' and the 'baby', but also an exquisitely sensitive being capable of delivering spiritual wisdom in ways I am still yet discovering. She is truly enchantment.



Tammuz, the Dog of Love; devoted, loyal and loving in his essence; a gentle guardian, a poet, a friend.


Three Grizzles

Tammuz, Sultana and Raja...three grizzle friends on an late afternoon jaunt.