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An Overview of our Washington DC area Pet Grooming Services

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Whether you chose basic grooming or upgrade to a luxury spa treatment like a mud bath or full-service Reiki treatment, you pet will be treated as a loved and respected friend at Paws of Enchantment. We use top-quality shampoos, conditioners and essential oils... and provide that little bit of 'magic' that just can't be put into words!

In addition to our grooming services we also offer Animal Communication and Reiki services. Please email for more information.

Our ''basic'' grooming includes:

*Bathing and conditioning with products appropriate for your pet's skin and coat type

*Fluff/blow-drying by hand (not in the cage)

*Facial treatment

*Paw massage and nail trim

*Styling/haircut of your choice

*potty break if left over four hours

'UPGRADES''' include:

*Dead Sea Mineral Mud Treatments (''mud-bath'')

*Reiki and crystal energy work

*Aromatherapy/essential oil treatments

*additional walks beyond the one complimentary potty break ($5/walk)

*'Express' grooming is available at a rate of +$35. May not be available for larger dogs or hand stripped dogs that require more time.

*Extra time/care allotted for 'special needs' dogs

Dematting, handstripping, temperament considerations and excessive de-shedding are considered extra costs that will be added onto the basic grooming price.

Pets requiring extra time and handling due to nervousness or lack of grooming experience will be charged an extra fee so that we may give the extra time and care to these pets.

Premium Holistic Grooming:

Our most premium packages are currently available on Tuesdays and combine energy work and/or essential oil treatments with grooming for a truly relaxing, holistic experience. Number of pets seen in one day is limited. HIGHLY recommended for senior pets, nervous pets and those experiencing non-contagious health issues.


All pricing is based on the individual dog and the amount of time, effort and type of products used. Our standards are very high and includes the safe and respectful handling of your pet as well.

Note: to avoid ''dematting'' costs or, even worse, ''shave downs'', we highly recommend placing your dog on a regular grooming schedule of either every 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

Pre-booking in advance will enable you to relax and get the dates that work best for you.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will no longer be 'fitting in' dogs over our already booked schedule. In order to keep our spa running in a truly holistic provide great service and to also keep our groomers and staff in a holistic state of balance. For truly urgent cases there may be 'Emergency' spots available, for an additional fee to compensate us for the modification of our working hours/schedule.
Pre-booking ahead will eliminate most of these issues and keep your dog fresh all year long!