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Here is where we feature our Enchanted Pet of the Month.

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Pretzel the Schnauzer



PuffDaddy, the Chinese Crested Powder Puff


Reilly the Soft Coated Wheaten terrier

Reilly, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, sporting the traditional style fpr his breed. Reilly is pictured here at aporximately 11 months of age.


Sally Buddy Mulberry

Sally is a Wheaten Terrier with a job: she actually has her ''own'' business selling dog food. Sally Buddy Mulberry is a representative for Flint River Ranch dog food and one of the things she uses her ''allowance'' for is coming to see us at Paws.

Sally and her human mom also organize Wheaten gatherings from time to time.



Striker the Wheaten Terrier


Tara and Squish the Papillons

Tara and Squish (her ''real'' name is ''Exquisite'', but she goes happily by the nickname ''Squish'' belong to a lovely Papillon aficionado with a lot of experience in the breed. It is always an honor to have these lovely girls grace our playpen at Paws of Enchantment!


Two Yorkies and a Puff

Annie, Roxie and Puffdaddy taking a break in the playpen


Walter the Wheaten Terrier

This handsome boy comes from the same breeder as Striker the Wheaten Terrier and sports similar good looks.Walter is not only handsome but possessing of a calm, bautiful temperament.


Xuxa the Divine Yorkie

Xuxa the Divine Yorkie


Bella the Yorkie

Bella the TYorkie sporting an Asian Fusion trim


Bella the Yorkie

Bella the Yorkie sporting an Asian Fusian trim


Benny the Cocker

I call him Benny Superman... and a superhero he is. Pictured is Benny, chilling out around his home.


Boomer the Wheaten Terrier

Boomer the Wheaten Terrier has led a high profile life with his owners and also appeared in several nationally televised national dog shows. Boomer enjoys life with his cousin, Checkers, daughter, Torie, and human family, Albert and Fred. Boomer's interests include trips to the beach house and attending celebrity birthday parties, being an honored guest in holiday parades, and, most of all, loving and being with his human 'dad'.


Buffy the Havanese

Buffy the Havanese


Coco Chanel and Molly the Cavichon

Coco (left)and Molly (right) met today at the spa and became fast friends!


Cotton the English Setter

Cotton the English Setter is as sweet as he is handsome. He reminds me of one of my favorite-ever clients, Django...also an English Setter. I may have to have one of these guys one day! He shares his home with ''big sister'', Louie, and his human family in Cheverly, MD.


Divotz the Yorkie

Divotz the Yorkie sporting a combination St Patty's Day/Mardi Gras look. We love this little guy, he is a cutie and a charmer! He lives with his ''little sister'', Coco Chanel, and his human family.



Goldendoodle, 'Shoshanna'


Ernie and Murphy

Ernie and Murphy, collective known as ''The Boys'', live down the street from Paws, here in Mt Rainier, and enjoy outdoor activities such as camping.


Jackson the Shih-Tzu

Jackson is a mellow guy who appears to enjoy taking life slow and enjoying every minute; a no-rush, no-stress kind of guy. On the grooming table he lays down and truly enjoys the treatments, and on a walk, he has a beautiful slow, suspended gait, reminiscent of someone taking an old-fashioned Sunday stroll.

At least most of the time, that is. We have recently discovered that when the spirit strikes Jackson to get moving, he really gets moving, and can whip around the spa in excited circles of immense enthusiasm!-- only to re-settle back down into his leisurely, country-gentleman mode.

Shouldn't we all take a lesson from this handsome guy?