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Here is where we feature our Enchanted Pet of the Month.

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Peyton the Westie

Affable Peyton charms our hearts at the spa!


Poco the Tiny Poodle

Poco is the Tiny One who comes to see us, most often with his entourage: Zoey, his ''sister'', and Pierre and Diva, his friends. Poco has won prizes in the Pride of Pets pet contest, and loves to dress up and go out on the town.

Adorable fellow, no? Tiny fellow, big heart!



Roscoe the Cocker Spaniel


Sammy the Bichon


Sasha the little girl

How many of you folks out there with female Schnauzers get that, ''Oh, he is so handsome!'' comment, with people thinking your girl dog is a boy because of the eyebrows and beard. Well, fear no more: Schnauzers can look 'girly' as proven by Sasha the Schnauzer who poses for us with her bows, long ears, and coquettish eyelashes. For your 'girl Schnauzer', try the ''Sasha'' look today!


Scooby the English Golden

Scooby the Golden sporting her summer ''lab-cut''. Scooby is extremely fortunate in that her owner, James, is so devoted to her that he acquired an RV, just so that Scooby would never have to be left behind on vacation adventures! Scooby is well loved by all!


Simone the Coton de Tulear

Simone, aka ''Sammy'' is a Coton de Tulear of exceptional apppeal. Soft and good-natured, it is always a pleasure to have Simone spend the day with us!


Sparky the Yorkie

Sparky the Yorkie is no ''pocket-toy''-- he is a fit and firm athlete! He enjoys miles of forestland walking with his attentive human companion and all of the fresh air and exercise gives him a definate 'glow'.


Spicey the Yorkie

For all of those who have been loving and requesting the ''Spicey Cut'' for their Yorkies, here she is: the one, the only, the famous...Spicey McCray! The originator of the ''Spicey Cut''.


Spicey the Yorkie 2

A full-body shot of the ''Spicey Cut'' as modeled by the one and only, the original...Spicey!


Stretch: Corgi with a Resume

Stretch, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi owned by Angela Hicks, is a multi-talented fellow who has his own drivers license, a resume (yes, folks!) and performs in canine freestyling events with his proud owner, Angie Hicks. Stretch has also recently been certified to participate in the READ program and goes to children's libraries where the children read books to him-- a therapeutic process which helps shy children build confidence.

While not out dancing or visiting children, Stretch like to come to Paws of Enchantment and receive his favorite mud bath treatment.

Stretch is a real favorite here and we always love to share a smile with him! (yes, Stretch does smile!)

To view Stretch's 'you-Tube' link of his first dance performance (mom Angie notes that he has advanced since this performance... Read More


Stretch: more about Stretch!

Stretch is a 4 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is a therapy dog who enjoys visiting children and seniors at hospitals and nursing homes. He has his Canine Good Citizens Certificate. He is a member of the award winning doggie drill team and a member of the dance group the Scentsations. He enjoys dancing, agility, flyball, herding sheep, and going to dog parks. He also enjoys going to dog friendly bed and breakfasts and cabins. He received his first place medal in Canine Musical Freestyle in the Beginner category. He loves to eat most of all.


Teddy the Yorkie-Poo

Teddy is our special friend who LOVES to come to Paws. His day is Friday and he loves to meet up with his friends-- the other Friday ''regulars'': Buffy the Havanese, Lila the mini-Labradoodle, and, when he is really in luck, his super-buddy, Koko the Yorkie-Poo. Teddy is a fun, fun guy and spiffy-looking fellow that we always love to see!


Tortuga the Main Man

Tortuga is an adoptee from the Washington Animal Rescue League and is the epitome of ''personality plus''. He comes in with his fellow adoptees, Tina, a Havenese (former puppy mill breeding dog) and Teddy, a Lhasa. Tortuga loves to wear a scarf and to be the center of attention. We love him and are always excited when he comes to see us!



Toulouse...an amazing beauty of a Husky. Can't you imagine cuddling up with her on a cold winter's night? Toulouse shares her home with ''brother'' Matta, and her human family.


Toulouse again

I had to include two photos of Toulouse because she is so photogenic. Look at those eyes!


Zoey the Yorkie-Poo

Zoey is Poco the Tiny Poodle's ''sister'', and is an incredibly sweet and entertaining little package. her hallmark move is standing on her hind legs and waving her arms. We tried to capture this on film, though you really need video to catch the full effect!