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Here is where we feature our Enchanted Pet of the Month.

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Bella the Yorkie

Bella the Yorkie sporting an Asian Fusian trim


Benny the Cocker

I call him Benny Superman... and a superhero he is. Pictured is Benny, chilling out around his home.


Boomer the Wheaten Terrier

Boomer the Wheaten Terrier has led a high profile life with his owners and also appeared in several nationally televised national dog shows. Boomer enjoys life with his cousin, Checkers, daughter, Torie, and human family, Albert and Fred. Boomer's interests include trips to the beach house and attending celebrity birthday parties, being an honored guest in holiday parades, and, most of all, loving and being with his human 'dad'.


Buffy the Havanese

Buffy the Havanese


Coco Chanel and Molly the Cavichon

Coco (left)and Molly (right) met today at the spa and became fast friends!


Cotton the English Setter

Cotton the English Setter is as sweet as he is handsome. He reminds me of one of my favorite-ever clients, Django...also an English Setter. I may have to have one of these guys one day! He shares his home with ''big sister'', Louie, and his human family in Cheverly, MD.


Divotz the Yorkie

Divotz the Yorkie sporting a combination St Patty's Day/Mardi Gras look. We love this little guy, he is a cutie and a charmer! He lives with his ''little sister'', Coco Chanel, and his human family.



Goldendoodle, 'Shoshanna'


Ernie and Murphy

Ernie and Murphy, collective known as ''The Boys'', live down the street from Paws, here in Mt Rainier, and enjoy outdoor activities such as camping.


Jackson the Shih-Tzu

Jackson is a mellow guy who appears to enjoy taking life slow and enjoying every minute; a no-rush, no-stress kind of guy. On the grooming table he lays down and truly enjoys the treatments, and on a walk, he has a beautiful slow, suspended gait, reminiscent of someone taking an old-fashioned Sunday stroll.

At least most of the time, that is. We have recently discovered that when the spirit strikes Jackson to get moving, he really gets moving, and can whip around the spa in excited circles of immense enthusiasm!-- only to re-settle back down into his leisurely, country-gentleman mode.

Shouldn't we all take a lesson from this handsome guy?


Jester the Australian Shepherd

How handsome this fellow is, posing in the early autumn sunshine!


Koko the Yorkie-Poo

Koko the Yorkie-Poo is a friend of one of our most frequent ''regulars'', Teddy the Yorkie-Poo. When Koko and Teddy are here together, it is play-all-day. And I do mean non-stop. Add other buddies Buffy and Lila into the mix, and we have some pretty exhausted (but coiffed) little dogs by the end of a day here.

Koko is a sweet little guy who loves to seek contact from people. Thoug he puts on a sad face when his owner drops him off for the day, as soon as he realizes that he has been 'dropped off', he settles in and aims for either his buddies or the first available human (ie, Heather of myself) to pick him up and give him some love.

We call this picture of Koko 'King of the Mountain'.



So cute...Lambchop! Sweet little Poodle.


Marcus the Beagle

Marcus the Beagle is a handsome, gentle fellow who has likes to recline in his chair when he is at the spa.



Marley is our special guy who faithfully comes to see us. In the beginning he was very nervous and uncertain about the whole ''spa'' thing, but to our joy, has come to trust us and has bonded closely with us here at the spa. He can be an independent man, preferring to stick more closely to the humans here, but does have a 'special friend' at Paws...Buffy the Havanese. Marley's attentive person tries to coordinate his spa days with those of Miss Buffy, and has Buffy's grooming schedule penciled in on her own calendar at home, so as to maximize the possibilities of Marley getting playdates with his friend!


Mason the Yorkie

Mason the Yorkie is a personable guy who loves to come. His main ''trick'' here is jumping in and out of the playpen, using one of the dog beds as his launching pad. we think he has an exceptionally cute face and love the one-up, one-down ears that add to his ''look''.

Mason is a local guy, and he and his family are neighbors of our friend James Hicks, AKA ''The Holistic Dogwalker'' (and also the photographer who captured Supermodel Talia in the image used in our logo).



Matta giving a high-five after his grooming! Matta lives with his canine sister, Toulouse the Husky.


Molly the Wheaten Terrier

BIO: written by Molly's mom, Alyse Stokes
Molly is a five-year-old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier who has been seeing Cassandra for over four years now.

Before coming to Paws of Enchantment, grooming was a stressful and anxiety-inducing experience for our sweet girl. Molly is a happy and friendly--but sometimes timid--dog who takes time to get used to new things. Most groomers didn't have the patience for that and told us she was difficult to groom.

I went searching for someone who specialized in Wheatens and found Cassandra... and we've never looked back! Molly runs up the steps to Paws for each of her appointments and she absolutely adores Cassandra. Paws provides a stress-free environment for our pup and Cassandra's patient and relaxing energy helped our girl learn to be comfortab... Read More


Morty the Shih Tzu

Morty ''Porkchop'' (as we call affectionately call him) is a favorite at Paws. Morty and I go back a long way and he was, as a puppy, the darling of the vet clinic where I used to groom him.

There was a period of time in which I did not see Morty and was then 'reuinted' a couple of years ago, at which time I learned that Morty was a cancer survivor and had had a really rough go. Morty is now cancer-free and living the inspired life with his great family and his Shih-Tzu ''brother'', Randy.

We love Morty and Randy and consider Morty a hero in that he is a Survivor! With the help, love and support of his family and healing team.

Go Morty! Go Morty!
Morty Porkchop!


Morty's brother randy the Shih Tzu

This is Randy, Morty's ''brother''. This red-and-white guy is always, along with brother Porkchop, chomping at the bit to get into Paws, and I usually hear him scratching at the door before the doorbell even rings (or...perhaps I should say before I hear the doorbell ring...our doorbell is quite finicky and that's a whole different story).

Randy always seems to be in a good mood and he loves to play when he comes here-- both with his brother, and with other like-sized little dogs.

Not only a great personality, we think Randy is a beauty, too, and has a silky-soft coat that has to be touched to be believed.